Need a feminine hourglass figure? Shop for silicone hip pads and bum pads, crossdresser corsets and cinchers, body shaping garments and more! DressTech is a leader in manufacturing realistic hip pads and shapewear for crossdressing, transgender and drag queen shoppers.



Examine the above silhouettes and notice how easily you can differentiate between the male and female bodies. Even from a distance, our figure can project a very strong indicator of our sex. Fortunately for us, it’s possible to adjust our figures for a more feminine appearance!

Male Vs Female Figures

Males tend to have broad shoulders and narrow hips. The ideal male body is considered to have an inverted triangle shape. In contrast, the ideal female body is an hourglass shape, characterized by wide hips and a narrow waist.

Much attention has been paid to waist-to-hip ratios, which essentially measure the degree of curviness. The most attractive female bodies (i.e. Marilyn Monroe) have waist-to-hip ratios of around 0.7 while average female bodies are 0.80 to 0.85. Male bodies tend to run 0.90 or more.

How to Get a Feminine Figure

Enhance your hips and bum – A woman’s estrogen levels cause her body to store excess fat in the hips, thighs and bum. DressTech manufactures a wide selection of silicone hip and bum padding to achieve these feminine proportions.

Slim your waist – Try a corset or cincher to flatten your tummy and reduce your waist. In addition, dark colours tend to provide a slimming appearance. When shopping for tops, you can’t go wrong with black! Dark blue, purple and brown colours provide a similar effect.


Above: Diana puts it all together with hip pads, bum pads, cincher and dark colours.