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DressTech is a leading manufacturer of professional products for the Crossdressing and Transgender communities in the USA and now for the EU! DressTech products are now available to our European customers without the hassle of customs, high postage cost and delayed delivery. Be sure to check out our popular and exclusive realistic silicone hip pads for a more feminine hourglass figure!

The European DressTech crossdresser store is a great place to shop for all your transgender and crossdressing supplies. We have a wide selection of crossdressing products available and are always adding new and exciting products such as our exclusive DressTech silicone hip pads, Proform breast forms, Shape N’ Go crotchless body shaper and more! Whether you are new to crossdressing or a seasoned pro, our friendly and professional customer service staff are here to help you with any questions or concerns to help you towards achieving your crossdressing goals. Do you need breast forms but are not sure where to start? Our expert breast form fitter can help you find the right breast form size and style to suit your unique needs. Or maybe you want those sexy feminine curves and hourglass figure? Well look no further than our selection of cinchers, silicone hip pads and supporting Shape N’ Go garments to boost your curves and bring out your most feminine you!

DressTech Europe delivers to all of European Union.


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